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virupa house:
a place to enjoy the passing of time

El Castell de Tavertet is a subproject of Casa Virupa,  a Buddhist meditation and retreat center. The axes of this project, led by a community of Buddhist practitioners,  they are meditation, retreats and philosophy.


We want anyone who comes to our house to find the ideal conditions to have experiences of introspection and well-being, according to the universal values of Buddhism such as compassion, kindness and attention.

live in nature:

let's go back to the roots

We believe that by living in nature  It is much easier to remember the familiarity that exists between things and, therefore, to live in greater harmony.  In the Castell de Tavertet you experience the passage of time, the rhythms of nature, the interdependence between animals, people and the environment very closely.


Life in El Castell, apart from noise and rush,  it allows us to cultivate the attention and care that we consider essential to live fully.

compassion in action:

VEGANISM and environmentalism

Precisely because we are aware of the interconnection between species and the ecosystem, we are committed to a way of life that ensures the well-being of others, not just ourselves. For this reason, at Casa Virupa we follow a vegan diet and we try to ensure that all our products, whether they come from our garden or not, are local and organic.

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