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the four of them  satipaTThAna

With Bernat Font (Secular Buddhism)

Friday 24 and Saturday  April 25 - 6.30 p.m.

Whether you have been meditating for a while, aware of the body and breathing, doing shamata practice, or if you have done your first mindfulness course recently, these two sessions will serve to better understand what "being present" means, where it comes from. , and how we can apply it.


Buddhism speaks of 4 'Satipatthana', four ways to establish presence or mindfulness. The first session (Friday 24  April) will present, from the perspective of early Buddhism, what mindfulness is, what it functions, the range of different meditative applications, and how it integrates into the path in general. The second session (Saturday, April 25) will focus on the 4 'Satipatthana': the body, the sensations-tonalities, the mental states, and the processes.


Each session will have a guided practice and space for questions.


Who teaches:

Bernat Font is the author of the blog . Fascinated by dharma since adolescence, he has practiced in Europe, India, and Burma for the past decade. He is part of the Bodhi College 'teacher training' program, as well as pursuing a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol. For years he has been guiding the Secular Sangha in Barcelona.

Economic contribution:

40  € the two sessions (at will members of Casa Vrupa in gratitude for the support they are giving us these days).

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