Beyond the mask:
the preliminaries (ngöndro)

From July 26 to August 1

According to Buddhist teachings, each person is a treasure mine with incredible qualities. Beneath the masks with which we have dressed and have been dressed, endless joy and well-being awaits. However, we wander the world by playing a role that we have not lucidly chosen and that makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin.


During this week, we will try to return to our roots, and therefore we will use the refuges of the Buddhist path: the guide, the teachings and the community. Because only by understanding them, we will come face to face with who we are. For this reason we call this practice the "preliminaries" (ngöndro), because they are prior to the ultimate awakening.  


During these days we will dedicate ourselves to doing activities that allow us to integrate the teaching: we will expose ourselves to the teachings, we will practice meditation, we will participate in the liturgy and there will be moments of conscious action and sharing.


An ideal activity for those who practice meditation regularly and have certain notions about Buddhist philosophy.

Image by Danilo Alvesd
Image by Chelsea shapouri

** We strongly recommend that this activity be complemented with the week before this, from July 19 to July 25, in which there will be teachings and practices on mental training. More information HERE

Follow the online teachings

If you prefer, you can also register only for the teaching sessions that Lama Norbu will give and follow them online from home or watch them delayed.

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