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Mental training |  Delayed
Mental training |  Delayed

Mon, Jul 19



Mental training |  Delayed

Mental training or "lojong" is an invaluable training for practitioners: it shows how to carry out the wisdom and skillful methods of Mahayana Buddhism, the great vehicle.

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Horario y ubicación

Jul 19, 2021, 7:00 PM – Jul 24, 2021, 12:00 PM


Acerca del evento

"Mind training" or " loyong " is a traditional practice of Tibetan Buddhism. This is an invaluable training for practitioners because it shows how the wisdom and skillful methods of Mahayana Buddhism can be carried out.

Loyong's teachings include instructions for both formal meditation practice, as well as for tonglen - essential for understanding and connecting with the suffering of others - and for post-meditation practice, so that we can put meditation into action in our daily lives.

It is a very powerful tool to awaken in us the serenity and clarity that underlie the confused and chaotic expression of our mind. In these 59 aphorisms attributed to Atisha Dipankara, we will learn to face the bodhisattva path with the necessary courage and understanding.

During these days we will dedicate ourselves to advancing through the root text and doing contemplations and activities that allow us to integrate the teaching: we will expose ourselves to the teachings, we will practice meditation, we will participate in the liturgy and there will be moments of conscious action and sharing.

An ideal activity for those who practice meditation regularly and have certain notions about Buddhist philosophy.

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** We strongly recommend that this activity be complemented by the week after this, from July 26 to August 1, in which there will be teachings and practices on the Buddhist preliminaries, "ngöndro". More information on the same Casa Virupa events page or at**

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