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Buddhist philosophy

We want to provide all those interested in Buddhism with the possibility of knowing the teachings that underpin it. From the most basic concepts, the fundamental sutras (discourses), to the highest texts.


Using a rigorous method adapted to Western sensibilities, we will combine study, contemplation and meditation to strengthen the foundations of our practice and sharpen our vision.

How it works and who is it for

To guarantee a rigorous approach, updated and linked to the Buddhist tradition, we invite external teachers to the project - some of whom are very involved with Casa Virupa - to teach here or guide retreats. We also organize conferences in Barcelona.  


Along the same lines, and to ensure that Casa Virupa students can have a regular relationship with Buddhist philosophy, the project's teacher, Lama Norbu, also gives teachings and conducts retreats based on Buddhist thought. He is also the one who guides the weekly meetings of the study group to deepen the Buddhist philosophy that are held at Casa Virupa.  

We propose the activities of Buddhist philosophy in such a way that all kinds of profiles will find some suitable activity for their moment. Proposals for novices, Buddhists with a track record ... You just have to consult the program and / or contact us if you prefer that we advise you.

cursos y filosofia budista
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