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excursions to dharma:
CARE in atheist times

Sunday, January 24 - From 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Why care after the death of God?

What remains, after the death of God? Why respond to the suffering of the other, if we do not have any  transcendent order that dictates what to do; if we don't risk our salvation; if we do not even have a shared human and solidarity essence or a moral reason that commands us? Why care?

This is the perplexity that accompanies Western thought at least since Nietzsche diagnosed the death of God - the death of every transcendent sense. It is the paradox, instead, with which Mahayana Buddhism has danced comfortably for two millennia.

We will try to discern, in contemporary philosophy, these questions, which are of crucial interest to those who observe them with the eyes of the Dharma.




€ 15 the workshop

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