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teachings to welcome changes with serenity and wisdom

From Thursday 9  to Sunday 12  of April

One of the "marks" or "seals" of existence according to the Buddha is impermanence, that is, the changing condition of all phenomena. It is considered that the transience  It is a fundamental part of life and it accompanies us in every aspect and stage of our development.  

However, the elusive tendency of the human being with respect to impermanence is undeniable. Paraphrasing Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoché, we assume one side of the coin but not the other: we like births, birthdays, weddings, beginnings ... but not funerals, divorces or exams.  

During these days of online teachings, through a realistic and in-depth analysis of reality, as well as practical and contemplative methods, we will see what Buddhism's vision is regarding impermanence and how we can learn to embrace it in our day-to-day life. in a more courageous, authentic and true way.

Image by Mattia Faloretti


- Teaching sessions on impermanence live with Lama Norbu.

- Calm of mind meditation sessions with the community and with Lama Norbu.

- Guided meditation sessions on impermanence.

- Lama Norbu will give guidelines for whoever wants to adapt the home routine to a  format similar to that of a withdrawal.

- A notebook with texts and proposals for contemplation.


€ 120 non-members of Casa Virupa; € 108 Casa Virupa meditation students; € 96 members.

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