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A bodhisattva in the market
or how to live through bodhicitta 

From April 12 to 17

Mingyur Rinpoche says that the essence of Buddhism is not to make ourselves better people, but to discover the potential of our mind. In fact, this statement is very common among Buddhist teachers, and it is that they emphasize that, in reality, there is nothing to change about ourselves: what we long to change already is, already is . We just have to get rid of habits and patterns that entangle our potential. Otherwise, as Lama Norbu puts it: "As long as we don't observe how the mind works, we will only be victims of how the mind works." ​ 

who imparts

Lama Norbu is the director, founder and resident teacher of Casa Virupa. When he finished his studies, he began to train exclusively in Dharma, both in philosophy, meditation and rituals of the Sakya school. In February 2020 HH Gongma Trichen Rinpoche appointed him lama  (teacher) of the Sakya school. His clarity and communicative ability, his ability to capture the essence of the teachings and transfer them to a current audience, as well as his sensitivity to empathize, characterize him. 

lama norbu budismo meditacion mindfulness


Full face-to-face regular: €390
Full face-to-face CV member: €292

Regular only face-to-face teaching: €175

CV member only face-to-face teachings: €140

Regular only online teachings: €95

Member CV only online teachings: €82

*People under 30 years of age, unemployed or in a delicate economic situation can apply for a scholarship. More information in the registration form.

economic contribution

Presencial regular: 175€

Presencial miembros Casa Virupa: 135€

Presencial estudiantes SUPERIOR CMCV: 158€ no miembros; 118€ miembros de Casa Virupa.

Online regular: 95€

Online miembros Casa Virupa: 70€

*Las personas menores de 30 años, en el paro o con situación económica delicada pueden pedir una beca. Más información en el formulario de inscripción.

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