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Resistencia desde la cocina

Casa Virupa's vegan cookbook

€ 29.90. Shipping cost: € 5.


Manifests are, by definition, a call for revolution and revulsion. They say something like: not according to this game, not with this board, not with these rules. A manifesto is usually also a declaration of intent and a plea in pursuit of a disruptive and novel way of doing things, alien to what common sense dictates.


But our manifesto is, in reality, a statement of the obvious and a commitment to life, to business as usual. It is also a love letter to hedonism, a defense of the pleasure of talking about food while eating. A vindication of the eternal after-dinner meals and of loving ourselves sybarites in the stomach and in our values. Nothing new under this sun.

We start from a very simple and simple question, so much so that perhaps it can be insulting because of how obvious it is in the 21st century:


Why not a vegan kitchen?

Why not stop generating suffering?

Why not stop contributing to massive deforestation?

Why not stop promoting the increase in polluting gases?

Why not stop devastating marine ecosystems?

Why not enjoy the same old flavors and textures without exploiting animals?

Why not enjoy a balanced diet without depleting natural resources?

Why not infinitely enjoy your food with the peace of mind of being consistent?

Why not indulge in delicious delicacies with the satisfaction of expanding our moral circle?


To lower the responses to the intestines, we present a recipe book with which a vegan kitchen can be integrated into everyday life ... but also on the most special occasions, in feasts for friends and family, or to live with the austerity of a monastery.


Every manifesto is universal, accessible and achievable. There we do coincide with the genre. And there are too many reasons to take advantage of a vegan proposal. For this reason, it would be a nonsense not to contribute to making a delicious and gentle cuisine not the most necessary choice and the most succulent practice.

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