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samatha and vipassana retreat
year end 2022

From December 26 to 31

Meditation practice, samatha, known to generate a state of single-point concentration, serves to generate a calm, clear and focused mind. The term samatha etymologically means "tranquility, acquiescence, calm presence".

As Alan Wallace says, it is a contemplative technology that does not imply a belief system or an ideology, but is a way of redefining the mind so that it is serviceable, flexible and adaptable to any activity in which we are involved.

Once this base of mental calm is established, we will introduce ourselves in the practice of vipassana: the penetrating vision, the understanding of how reality and the mind operate. They will be analytical meditations guided by Lama Norbu that will allow us to understand subtle aspects of our mind and its way of operating.

During these days we will focus on the cultivation and practice of samatha and vipassana, with guided practices, silence and absence of communication, teachings by Lama Norbu as well as the application of meditation in manual activities.

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who imparts

Lama Norbu is the director, founder and resident teacher of Casa Virupa. When he finished his studies, he began to train exclusively in Dharma, both in philosophy, meditation and rituals of the Sakya school. In February 2020 HH Gongma Trichen Rinpoche appointed him lama  (teacher) of the Sakya school. His clarity and communicative ability, his ability to capture the essence of the teachings and transfer them to a current audience, as well as his sensitivity to empathize, characterize him. 

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Practical information

Call time: Monday 26 at 7:00 p.m.

Farewell day and time: Saturday 31 at 12 noon

What to bring: comfortable clothes to meditate, warm clothing, utensils for personal hygiene, towel, flip-flops, shoes for rural terrain.

Economic contribution

Regular overnight in the main house: NO PLACES REMAINING

Overnight member main house: NO PLACES REMAINING

Member of Casa Virupa spends the night in town: €262 (contact directly with

Solidarity: €410(with this option you help us to grant scholarships to the people who request it).

*People under 30 years of age, unemployed or in a delicate financial situation can apply for a scholarship. More information in the registration form.

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